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Tony MartinsPresident & Founder

Tony Martins, President And Founder At Excalibur Hardwood Floors

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Phoenix Hardwood Floor Professionals With 5-Star Rated Reviews

We had to replace 15,000 plus sf of 1 year old wood flooring after a previous installation due to water damage. The difference was night and day. Don’t be fooled by the “big companies” out there, Excalibur is the best. We were able to compare price, quality, service, the whole nine yards and Excalibur wins hands down. Highly recommend.

Robert Brooks ★★★★★

The first time Excalibur came, they sanded the floor down, made all the lines, and add the school logo in the center of the gym. I have no problem. They have done an excellent job, very professional. This is the reason I will call Excalibur every time we need it.

Maribel Cornidez ★★★★★

Excalibur Hardwood Floors LLS did and excellent job completing Pan American Charter High School gym floor. From beginning to end the services has been exceptional. Attentional to detail, workmanship, and communication makes Excalibur you choice for quality work. The floor was completed in one day.

Kevin Kendall ★★★★★

Our Gym Floor Services In Phoenix

Custom Gym Floor Installation With Hardwood Floors In Phoenix

Long-lasting Gym Hardwood Floors Installation

With a focus on durability and quality craftsmanship, at Excalibur Hardwood Floors, we ensure that your gym floor will last and provide exceptional performance.

Sanding And Refinishing Services for Gym Hardwood Floors In Phoenix, AZ

Extend Your Gym Floor’s Lifespan With Sanding & Refinishing Services

Extend the lifespan of your gym floor with our sanding and refinishing services. We will address wear and tear through meticulous sanding and applying high-quality finishes.

Gym Hardwood Floor Maintenance And Repairing Services In Phoenix

Ensure Peak Performance With Gym Floor Maintenance & Repairs

We are equipped to address any issues, providing regular maintenance to prevent wear and timely repairs to maintain the optimal condition of your gym floor for consistent performance.

Unique Floor Graphics And Functional Markings For Gyms In Phoenix, AZ

Elevate Your Gym With Distinctive Floor Graphics And Practical Markings

Transform your gym space by choosing our services that offer distinctive floor graphics and practical markings. Let us help enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your gym.

Hardwood Gym Floors Recoating And Abrasion Services In Phoenix

Give Your Gym Floor A New Life By Opting For Abrasion And Recoating Services

Our professional Phoenix hardwood flooring team specializes in abrading the existing finish and applying a new coat, providing a cost-effective solution to refresh the appearance and durability.

Gym Hardwood Floors With Custom Court Design

Refresh Your Gym Floor With Custom Court Designs

Let us create unique and personalized floor designs, enhancing the overall aesthetics and visual appeal of your gym floor. Contact us today for a consultation and see how we can help!

Premium Sports Flooring Solutions To Achieve Peak Performance in Phoenix

Elevate Your Sports Experience With Exceptional Flooring Installation

Experience peak performance in Phoenix with our premium sports flooring solutions designed to elevate your sports experience. We are experts at installing floors tailored for optimum performance in sports environments. Trust us to provide top-notch materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that your sports facility benefits from a high-quality and durable flooring solution.

Gym Basketball Court Contractor Installing New Floors In Phoenix
Court Markings, Logos And Designs Added To Phoenix Gyms
Gym Courts Sealing And Finishing Services In Phoenix, AZ

Why We’re Phoenix’s Preferred Gym Floor Professionals

  • Our Team Specializes In Tailoring Gym Flooring Solutions To Your Unique Needs

    Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your specific requirements, ensuring that the gym floor installation or maintenance aligns seamlessly with your facility’s demands. With a focus on quality, durability, and personalized service, we take pride in delivering optimal results.

  • Top-notch Materials & Craftsmanship In Every Flooring Service

    We pride ourselves on utilizing premium materials and employing skilled craftsmanship to ensure the longevity and quality of our flooring installations. At Excalibur Hardwood Floors, we guarantee a finished product that exceeds expectations in both durability and aesthetics.

  • Over 17 Years Of Expertise Installing Long-Lasting Gym Floors

    Rely on our team to deliver exceptional results built on over 17 years of knowledge and successful installations. Our track record demonstrates a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of gym flooring projects, ensuring a professional and durable outcome.

  • Trusted Hardwood Floors Experts: Certified, Bonded, and Insured

    As trusted hardwood floor experts, we prioritize your peace of mind by being certified, bonded, and insured. Our certifications showcase our commitment to professional standards, while being bonded provides financial security and insurance ensures protection against unforeseen circumstances.

  • Exceptional Results For Every Flooring Project

    Count on us for exceptional results in every flooring project we do. With expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality, our team ensures that each project meets and exceeds your expectations. With us, you can anticipate a finished product that reflects the highest standards.

Complete Sports Court Construction & Maintenance Services In Phoenix

NBA Basketball Floor Court Installations In Phoenix

NBA Basketball Courts

When you need the best hardwood floor installation available for your NBA basketball court, look no further than Excalibur Hardwood Floors!

Phoenix College Basketball Courts

College Basketball Courts

Consider installing maple hardwood flooring with our expert Phoenix flooring professionals for your college basketball courts in need of an upgrade.

University Gym Hardwood Floors Near Phoenix

University Gym Floors

Do you need professional markings applied to your university gym floors? Our flooring company has you covered with expert service and top-notch material.

Racquetball Court Installation Around Phoenix Neighobrhoods

Racquetball Courts

Experience racquetball court floors that can withstand years of heavy use and abuse by hiring our professionals to sand and refinish them!

High School Hardwood Gym Floors Repair And Refinishing In Phoenix

High School Gym Floors

Your high school deserves gym floors that can withstand the test of time. Contact Excalibur Hardwood Flooring for an installation or a refinish.

Elementary Gym Floors In Phoenix

Elementary Gym Floors

Don’t wait to get your Phoenix elementary gym floors upgraded so that all the students in your school can enjoy everything that your gym has to offer.

Stage Floor Installation Services In The Phoenix Area

Stage Floors

Whether you need screening and recoating, sanding and refinishing, or new installation for your stage floor, let us help with high-quality materials and service.

Dance Floor Installation Services Throughout Phoenix

Dance Floors

If you are in need of an upgrade for your dance floor, consider hiring our most trusted flooring professionals who will provide you with exceptional work.

Private School Basketball Courts In Phoenix, AZ

Private School Basketball Courts

Our team is skilled in installing hardwood floors tailored for private school basketball courts, ensuring precise installation and a commitment to quality.

Home Basketball Courts In Phoenix

Home Basketball Courts

We not only specialize in installing hardwood floors for public gyms, but also for your private basketball courts! Contact Excalibur Hardwood Floors today for a quote!

Residential Gym Floors In Phoenix

Residential Gym Floors

Whether you need installation, refinishing, or maintenance, we are dedicated to providing a solution that enhances the functionality of your home gym floor.

Phoenix Charter School Basketball Courts

Charter School Basketball Courts

Empower your charter school’s sports program by entrusting us with the care of your basketball court, ensuring it meets the standards of competitive athletics.

Schedule Your Annual Gym Floor Maintenance In Phoenix Today

Keep Your Gym Floor’s Peak Condition With Our Annual Maintenance Program

Ensure the longevity and optimal condition of your gym floor by scheduling our annual maintenance program in Phoenix today. Our comprehensive maintenance service is designed to address wear and tear, scratches, and other issues that can affect the performance of your gym floor. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all aspects of maintenance, from screening and recoating to addressing any necessary repairs. Don’t wait; proactively invest in the well-being of your gym floor by enrolling in our annual maintenance program.

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    Most Reliable Gym Hardwood Floor Installations In All Phoenix Neighborhoods

    For the most reliable gym hardwood floor installations in all Phoenix neighborhoods, consider reaching out to Excalibur Hardwood Floors, where we ensure a high-quality and durable hardwood floors installation. Wherever you are in Phoenix, we’re here to serve you!

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    • North Phoenix
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    • Downtown Phoenix

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hardwood Floors

    What Is An Acceptable Humidity Level For Hardwood Floors?

    An acceptable humidity level for hardwood floors typically falls within the range of 35% to 55%. Maintaining humidity within this range helps prevent issues such as warping, shrinking, or swelling of the wood. Low humidity can cause hardwood to contract, leading to gaps between planks, while high humidity may result in expansion and potential damage. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the climate, can help regulate humidity levels and protect the integrity of hardwood floors.

    What Is The Best Hardwood For A Basketball Court?

    At Excalibur, we generally recommend maple hardwood for basketball courts! Maple is widely regarded as the best hardwood for this use as it is dense and durable making it resistant to wear and it is able to withstand the impact of constant bouncing and running. The light color of maple allows for highly visible court markings, enhancing game play. Additionally, maple’s stability helps minimize expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity, ensuring the longevity and performance of the basketball court.

    What Is The Advantage Of Maple Flooring?

    Maple flooring offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for various applications. Firstly, maple is known for its durability and hardness, providing a resilient surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment use, making it ideal for gym floors. Secondly, maple has a light, neutral color that complements various design styles and allows for easy customization with stains or finishes. Additionally, maple’s fine, consistent grain pattern contributes to a smooth and uniform appearance. Lastly, its stability and resistance to warping or shrinking make it suitable for diverse climates.

    How Often Should I Completely Sand A Maple Gym Floor Down To Bare Wood & Refinish?

    The frequency of completely sanding a maple gym floor down to bare wood and refinishing depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the quality of the existing finish. Generally, a full sanding and refinishing may be needed every 8 to 12 years for a maple gym floor. Heavy use, frequent events, or inadequate maintenance practices can accelerate wear and necessitate more frequent refinishing. We encourage regular inspections which help determine the life left in your current finish and whether or not it requires sanding down to bare wood.

    How Long Does It Take To Sand & Refinish A Gym Floor?

    Typically, our Phoenix flooring professionals can sand and refinish a gym floor anywhere between 3 and 5 days for an average-size. This includes time for sanding down the existing finish, repairing any damages, applying multiple coats of finish, and allowing sufficient drying time between coats. Larger or more intricate gym floor designs may require additional time. It is crucial to plan for proper ventilation and drying conditions to achieve a high-quality and durable finish. Our professionals are experienced in providing top-notch sanding and refinishing services! Contact us for a time estimate and quote!

    How Often Should Gym Floors Be Refinished?

    At Excalibur Hardwood Floors, we tell people that the frequency of refinishing gym floors depends on factors such as the type and intensity of use and the maintenance practices in place. On average, gym floors may need to be refinished every 8-12 years. High-traffic areas and facilities with frequent events or heavy equipment use may require more frequent refinishing. Regular inspection of the floor’s condition, including signs of wear, scratches, or a diminishing finish, can help determine when refinishing is necessary and if you are unsure, our professionals can provide a detailed inspection for you.

    What Is A Screening & Recoating?

    Screening and recoating is a process our flooring professionals use to refresh and renew the appearance of a hardwood floor without fully sanding it down. During screening, a fine abrasive screen or pad is used to lightly abrade the existing finish, removing minor imperfections and creating a smooth surface for the new coat. Recoating involves applying a fresh layer of finish or coating to the screened floor, enhancing its durability and appearance. This process is ideal for floors with minor wear and tear or surface scratches, providing a cost-effective way to revitalize the floor without the extensive work of a full sanding and refinishing.

    How Long Does It Take To Screen & Recoat Your Gym Floor?

    The time it takes to screen and recoat a gym floor depends on various factors such as the size of the floor and the condition of the existing finish. Generally, the process involves screening the existing finish to create a smooth surface and then applying a new coat of finish. This can typically be completed in one to three days for an average-sized gym floor. However, factors like drying time between coats and the need for multiple coats can extend the overall duration. Contact our professionals for a detailed time estimate on your specific floor.

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